| Undercoat/Sound Shield:
Protects & Reduces Noise up to 50%

Corrosion Protection

Rust never sleeps. From the moment a new vehicle begins its life on the assembly line the metal used to manufacture your new car or truck begins the process to return to its natural state: iron ore. Rust is created when iron, oxygen and water combine to create an electrochemical reaction we know as corrosion. If you remove one of the three elements in the simple rust formula you can prevent corrosion from advancing.

Diamond-Kote’s liquid corrosion barrier compounds are independently tested to exceed the highest automotive corrosion resistance standards in the world. Diamond-Kote has been protecting vehicles from corrosion in North America since 1968. The highly resilient formula penetrates into the areas of your vehicle where rust starts and prevents water and oxygen from penetrating into the rust prone areas of your vehicle for years, thereby retarding the rust process before it has a chance to get a hold of your vehicle.

The two-stage process features an almost invisible upper body liquid that is designed to penetrate deeply into seams and crevasses and around welding spots to keep air and water out. The liquid is also designed to be exceedingly flexible to allow it to expand and contract with the literally thousands of days of temperature changes your vehicle will be subjected to.

The most visible part of the process is our exclusive Premium Vulcanized Undercoating/Sound Shield. This is a rust preventative by design but also very durable and flexible rubberized coating that not only insulates your vehicle from the elements of nature but also from excessive road and engine sound! We have harnessed all the science that vulcanization does for objects like a hockey puck and running shoe soles into our world-renowned undercoating: Tough, flexible and virtually indestructible.

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