| Diamond Kote NanoCrystal Technology:
Advanced Protection against the elements

Nano-technology delivers a whole new level of paint protection. Paint technology has advanced significantly over the years and so have the number of environmental hazards that can destroy your vehicle’s finish.

Even as your new vehicle rolls off the assembly line, the paint finish is not protected against the elements. Superior painted surface protection technology in a two-coating application utilizing Nano-Molecular science to increase the density of the surface application by literally billions.

What does this mean for your vehicle?

  • The new Diamond-Kote ® NanoCrystal Advanced Paint Protection System utilizes a cross-linking two-stage application process to produce an extremely durable and more visually appealing paint protection coating.
  • A superior performing coating that outlasts all conventional waxes and protection coatings available today.
  • Higher resale value of your vehicle when you decide to sell or trade it in on a newer model down the road.
  • A fully insured 10 year comprehensive environmental protection warranty underwritten by one of Canada's largest insurance companies: Industrial Alliance Pacific General.

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